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Mobile Shelving / Compactors

Mobile Shelving / Compactor Godrej.


The Compact is a versatile storage system which finds application in

  • OFFICES: for storing documents, tapes & computer disc records.
  • WAREHOUSES for low rise parts inventory storage.
  • SHOP FLOORS Components Tools and Parts Storage
Mobile Shelving / Compactors
Mobile Shelving / Compactors Godrej

To convert static storage areas to mobile base shelving thereby achieving appreciable saving of storage area and consequently economy in capital cost.


Space Saving is achieved through compacting records by the elimination of excess aisles. The Space Saving can vary from 35% to 60% of available area depending upon the size of the installation.

Mobile Shelving / Compactor Systems offer these advantages:

  • Cost saving over conventional filing systems where floor space is limited or is very expensive.
  • It provides all the advantages of lateral filing with the added benefit of maximum utilization of available space.
  • It is a solid and secure storage unit when not in use and provides easy access to storage area when required.
Mobile Shelving / Compactors
Mobile Shelving / Compactors Godrej 

Other Features of Mobile Shelving / Compactors

  • The system incorporates an effective anti-toppling mechanism.
  • Solid construction and careful design of the application ensure facility of operation and longevity of life.
  • Bumpers are placed on the rolling carriages to prevent metal to metal contact.
  • Our Platform design Compact System can be installed on any floor covering : carpet, tile or bare concrete without any damage to the floor surface or covering
Mobile Shelving / Compactors
Mobile Shelving / Compactors Godrej 

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